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Chris Hokansson
Caring for Your Hardwood Floor

New or refinished hardwood floors aren't difficult to care for. However, they..

Rod Lorenz
Dreaming of the Perfect Hardwood Floor - A Ralph's Customer Story

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the home of Pat and Rhonda, who are..

Chris Hokansson
5 things you need to know about recoating your wood floor.

Treatments for maintaining your wood hardwood floors vary in cost, time, and..

Rod Lorenz
Can You Steam Clean Finished Wood Flooring?

A fundamental rule in caring for hardwood floors is to keep them dry. Yet on..

Rod Lorenz
Ties That Bind (Hardwood flooring is a family thing).

Gary the good nephew.

Recently a customer of ours, Gary, stopped by Ralph's..

Chris Hokansson
Maintaining your hardwood floor.

Once you have your hardwood floors installed, it’s time to start thinking..

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