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Chris Hubbard
Putting Together Your Custom Home Dream Team

Building your dream home starts with your vision. You’re the one who knows..

Chris Hubbard
No dust, no fuss. Sanding hardwood floors doesn't have to be messy.

If you’ve decided to install sand-on-site hardwood floors in your home, or if..

Chris Hubbard
Installing Hardwood Floors Is a Labor of Love

Hardwood floor installation is a craft that requires considerable expertise,..

Chris Hubbard
5 Factors That Affect Installation of Hardwood Floors

When customers walk into our showroom looking for expert advice on how to get..

Rod Lorenz
Where's Ralph? Find the Best Hardwood Floors in Wisconsin

When my kids were small, they had such a great time pulling out the “Where’s..

Chris Hubbard
A Closer Look at Prefinished Hardwood Floor Warranties

Intuitively, it would seem that a 25-year-warranty for prefinished wood..

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