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Jackie Archambeau
Does your floor make the grade? - Defining wood floor grades

You've done some researching on line and you have found all this discussion..

Rod Lorenz
Domestic Hardwood Floors: The Beauty Right at Home

If you love hardwood floors and live in North America, you’re in the right..

Jackie Archambeau
Finishing by Ralph's Hardwood, the final statement in excellence.

Finding a finish system that gives consistently beautiful results is a very..

Jackie Archambeau
Using Color to Add Personality to Your Hardwood Flooring

Color and personality seem to go together. A person’s favorite color often..

Jackie Archambeau
Creating Character With Hardwood Floor Texture

Every hardwood floors has a texture—whether it’s smooth and sleek, rough and..

Jackie Archambeau
Frequently Asked Questions About Recoating

When should I recoat my floor?

We want to recoat after it shows signs of..

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