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Rod Lorenz
The Value in Hardwood Floors

Do you like the way hardwood floors look and want them in your home, but you..

Chris Hubbard
New Hardwood Flooring Cost: The Future Matters

When you’re selecting the type of flooring you want in your home, you’ll of..

Rod Lorenz
Is your floor a diamond in the rough?


Before                         After

*Although these are not photos..
Chris Hubbard
Go With Your Heart: The "Cheaper Choice" Is Usually a Mistake

It is human nature to wrestle with whether to buy what we really want as..

Rod Lorenz
Why People Love Hardwood Floors

Finished hardwood flooring keeps growing in popularity. An increasing number..

Chris Hubbard
Realtors Have No Doubt About It: Hardwood Floors Help Sell Homes

Ask anyone in the hardwood floor industry and they’ll tell you that hardwood..

Rod Lorenz
Just ask my Mom—timeless is good.

Back in 1970, my Mom got a new watch. When she saw it, she was in a good mood,..

Chris Hubbard
Free Shipping From the North Pole

Not long before Christmas, my 7-year-old daughter was playing on the Internet,..

Chris Hubbard
How Hardwood Floors Are Used to Help Sell Homes

Point2Homes recently analyzed 300,000 real estate listings from 2012 to find..

Chris Hubbard
Hardwood Floors and Resale Value: Four Factors To Consider

Is the cost of installing or restoring hardwood floors matched by a..

Chris Hokansson
Hardwood Floors Are Good for Your Health.

There are many reasons for choosing a hardwood floor, they look great and can..

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