Domestic Species

Known for excellence, Wisconsin and the surrounding states produce some of the best hardwood flooring in the industry. This is the primary reason we choose to source our materials locally, because they are simply the best. Northern grown trees, in many cases, produce wood that is harder and more durable than those grown in the south. Beautiful hardwood floors can be achieved utilizing wood from forests in our own backyard.


A beautiful blend of warm heartwood and creamy sapwood. Light stain tames the color variation adding warmth to its overall appearance.




Dark rich browns with just a touch of creamy sapwood. Steamed to bring out a richness sometimes lacking in some walnut floors.



red oak

A relatively consistent open-grained hardwood. Very hard with a mild texture in the surface that may help your floor look great longer.



white oak

Full of light tones that give a crisp, clean feel. White oak displays a combination of deep grayish-brown heartwood and creamy tones.



american cherry

Reddish-brown satiny look with a fine grain that will age to a rich patina. One of the most sought-after of the northern hardwoods.



yellow birch

A closed-grained, even-textured hardwood with warm undertones. Similar to maple in grain but with more reflective light properties.



red birch

Hand picked for its deep rich auburn color and intriguing grain. Red birch’s warm cherry-like color provides a dramatic look.




Ash displays pronounced grain and moderate golden tones. A very stable wood that is great in environments where humidity is difficult to control.




The hardest domestic wood. Rich color variation with tones ranging from creams to deep browns. Available in rustic, select, and heart, which is more subtle with mostly medium to dark brown tones.