Maple's warm undertones and special character has made it the most popular floor since the late eighteen hundred's. 

Red Oak

Red Oak's red-tinged brown heartwood and creamy tones create a subtle but distinct contrast that makes this a beautiful work of art. The consistent grain adds to the grace of the overall appearance of the floor.


Hickory's wide color variations and unique appearances it is the perfect match for any home. Since it is the hardest domestic wood, hickory is a popular species among pet families and non-pet families alike.


With its vibrant colors and lively character, exotic floors are a built-in statement piece for your house. 

White Oak

The subtle grain and elegant look of white oak lends itself well to a variety of décor styles. Full of light tones, white oak has became a staple in homes everywhere.

Other Domestic Species

When you choose either walnut, birch, or cherry, you are showing off an elegant floor that matches your style.


Ash displays the most wonderfully pronounced grain of any domestic hardwood.  Ash offers a broad range of grain and color, making it a very versatile floor.