Before and After

Change your floors and update your look. When you choose to alter the way your floors look, you are choosing to alter the way your home feels. See how we have make every space livable, warm, and absolutely you.


Discover the flooring for you and get inspired when exploring the different colors. Each color brings out a unique aspect of the floor and creates a breathtaking piece of art.


Each species is unique in their varying grain and color combinations. Find the species of flooring that is perfect of you!

Designer Floors

Are you searching for a look unlike any other? Explore the many different types of flooring techniques offered that makes your floors truly remarkable. Our specialty is applying handcrafted techniques to hardwood floors. Take a look at some of the different ways you can make your floors stand out.

Refinished Floors

Give your floors a face lift with a new color or bring your floors back to life while keeping the existing color.