The Finishing Touches...Down to the last detail!

Your home is one of your most important investments and new hardwood floors will make such a difference. Complete the picture by adding the little details that give your home a polished look, such as wood floor vents that are flush with the surface of your floor and are custom fit and finished to match. If your trim is stained, consider  replacing painted vents with real wood baseboard vents finished to match your trim.  New stair treads and risers can make your staircase a showcase. Ralph’s recognizes your desire for the look and feel of a quality home. Let us complete your experience with the little touches that really set off a room.  Getting it right...down to the very last detail.

finishing touches


Your floor vents will appear to have disappeared when flush wooden vents are installed with your new hardwood floors. Available in most species and sizes. Our professional installers will custom fit the vents and color match them to your floor.


Treads are available in most species and Ralph's can stain and finish them to match your floor, giving you that seamless transition from one floor of your home to the other.


Finishing the project with a trim piece that covers the tiny gap left between your floor and your existing cabinets or base trim will look great! This piece is stained to match your cabinets or trim to make it appear as though it has always been there.  We take great pride and care in our work and this finishing touch really gives a polished look to your project. If you are in need of new base trim, we can help you with this as well.