Sanding and Refinishing

In 1965, Ralph Lorenz started Ralph’s Hardwood Floors with a focus on refinishing floors. Now, after more than a half century of being in business, our goal is still the same - to take your old floors and make them look new.

Today we combine innovative stains and finishes with the cutting edge technology of our Atomic Dust Containment trailers to create floors you could not even imagine. Watch your home be transformed as we refinish your existing floors without the dust associated with traditional sanding.

nwfa certified
Sanding 005
  • Custom color matching
  • Stain maple floors
  • Matte, stain, semi-gloss, or gloss sheen levels
  • Different types of finishes including Swedish, water base, natural oils, UV-cured urethanes and polyurethanes
  • Atomic Dust Containment trailers that evacuate the airborne dust out of your home
  • Recoating Floors

Let's Give Your Floor New Life

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We provide installation for many different types of flooring. Our installation of floors combines our craftsmanship with the use of proper techniques learned through experience and an on-going thirst for more knowledge.

  • Site Finished Floors
  • Prefinished Floors
  • Luxury Vinyl Floors
  • Borders/Medallions
  • Treads/Risers
  • Wood Air Vents

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Design Consultation

The journey to find the floor of your dreams begins with expert advice. We understand that you are making an investment in your home and want you to make the correct choice. We are here to help. You can begin your journey by visiting our showroom or by having us visit your home. In either case, you will find it to be an exciting and rewarding experience.

  • Expert advice on wood species, color, textures, and finishes.
  • A detailed in-home consultation determining installation requirements
  • A showroom that displays the most popular looks in a real life home setting
  • Advise when wood is not the proper choice for your environment
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Job Preparation and Completion

Some may consider these services boring but we consider them essential. We know that these services are a crucial step when handcrafting your floors. As the old Saying is "Beauty is only skin deep" and a floor is no different. These services make your floors everlastingly beautiful.

  • Repairing existing floors
  • Blending new floors with existing floors
  • Removing and replacing base trim
  • Base shoe color matching and installation
  • Removing and disposing existing floors
  • Leveling floors

Our Warehouse

All of our wood is stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment, located behind our showroom. Once ordered, the wood will be stored safely until installation. Inside of this environment, we are able to acclimate your floor to the proper conditions for the state of Wisconsin.

All of our vehicles and other supplies are also stored inside, to ensure that all of the equipment, stains, and finishes are being used the way they were designed to be used.