Hickory is the hardest of all domestic woods.   With rich color variations and prominent brown bands, hickory is one of the most popular hardwoods utilized in cabinets and trim.  Available in different grades ranging from predominantly brown heart hickory, to the wild color variation and knotty appearance of rustic grade, hickory suits many different looks. An excellent choice for families with dogs!

Hickory Rustic Light Stain Swedish 3

Hickory Specifications

  • Source: Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota
  • Widths 2 ¼” ,3”, 4” and 5” (Wider widths available)
  • Lengths 1’-8’ (Longer lengths available)
  • Grade: Select, Rustic, or Heart
  • Hardness: 1820 (41% harder than Red Oak)
  • Stability: Below Average
  • Light sensitivity: Moderate