Yellow Birch

The yellow birch contains all the natural variation that you will see from the birch tree. A closed-grained, even-textured cream, or light brown hardwood with lustrous brown flecks and warm undertones, this species is similar to maple in grain but with more color and depth. The elegance of a yellow birch floor is further accentuated with a dark stain.

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Yellow Birch Specifications

  • Source: Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota
  • Surface: Smooth
  • Widths: 2-1/4, 3-1/4”, 4”, 5” (Wider boards available)
  • Lengths: 1’-8’ (Longer boards available)
  • Grade: Select
  • Hardness:  1260 (2% softer than red oak)
  • Stability: Average
  • Light sensitivity: Moderate