Exotic Species

Our suppliers scan the globe to find unique, exclusive and exotic species from all over the world. Ralph's sources exotic hardwoods for our clients who are looking for that very special appearance that is uncommon today. Brilliant tones with lively character, variegated zebra's and burls to complement a distinctive piece of furniture, windowed wall or personal library.

asian walnut

Also known as Acacia, features beautiful blend of colors and tones ranging from dark reddish brown to light creams. Beautiful and very durable.



 santos mahogany

Beautiful variations of deep reddish-browns, once aged, remain constant over time. Tight grain serves as an exquisite accent to the rich color with its fine, distinctive strokes.



 brazilian walnut

Durable and pleasing to the eye. Heartwood ranges from light to dark olive brown, with contrasting cream, grey, and warm brown tones.



 brazilian cherry

Breathtaking reddish-brown heartwood lined by black bands. Floor darkens over time and is extremely durable.




Creamy-brown tones, beautiful luster, and wavy grain, combine to create visual warmth.