A Message from the President

My father, Ralph Lorenz, started Ralph’s Hardwood Floors in 1965. He was a man with a passion for creating beautiful hardwood floors, and he passed that passion onto me. In 1992 I took over the company, with the same mission of providing our customers with hardwood floor masterpieces.

I’m proud to say we’ve  become the largest full-service residential hardwood flooring contractor in Northern Wisconsin, with a staff of more than 30 employees, each carefully selected for their expert knowledge of hardwood flooring and for their passion for doing the job right. We have installed more than 5 million square feet of hardwood floors over the years, but what I’m most proud about is that we treated each job as if we were working on our own homes.

It’s all about customer satisfaction for us. Each customer becomes a member of the Ralph’s family. We’ve built our business by continuing my father’s commitment to enthusiastically working with homeowners to craft the floors they envision. We want the creation of your hardwood flooring to be an exciting, memorable, and positive experience you’ll cherish.

Our staff stays on top of the latest materials, application techniques, and market trends, so we’re always offering cutting-edge solutions to provide the best results. But one thing that never changes at Ralph’s is our dedication to giving you exactly the floors you want, made as beautiful as possible with our well-honed skill and devotion to craftsmanship.

We hope you’ll let us help you create the floors of your dreams.


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Rod Lorenz, President

Ralph’s Hardwood Flooring