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Building a partnership – Builders + Hardwood Floor Contractors

Posted on Fri, Dec 14, 2012 @ 11:12 AM

The reputation of each of our builder partners is tied to how well we do our job. Providing reliable top-quality craftsmanship is a must for any hardwood flooring contractor, but it’s responsiveness, positive attitude, and commitment to teamwork that sets Ralph’s apart.

Open Communication

Open communication is key in making any business partnership work, and with builders and flooring contractors it is no different. The most important elements of open communication are trust and mutual respect. One example of this trust is when a builder contacted us because they dented the floor while getting the home ready for a parade . They didn’t attempt to hide the cause of the dent and simply asked what we could do to help. The parade was scheduled for the next day and we knew how important it was for the home to look its best. Our customer service manager went to the home at 9 p.m. and fixed the dent to make sure the home, and the floor, looked as good as new. 

Schedules and Timing

Possibly the single greatest threat to strong builder/hardwood floor contractor relationships is scheduling. With construction projects, time is money and the general contractor is dealing with a lot of moving parts, each of which add pressure to the schedule.

Sometime ago we received a call from a contractor who realized the floor needed to be installed ASAP and had forgotten to schedule. While this wasn’t a perfect situation for us, we understood the need to be flexible and put our team to work right away. The timeline was tight but everything came together and the contractor was very grateful.

Working Together

We don’t consider partnerships with builders a once and done deal. We look for ongoing relationships that are consistently profitable for all parties involved. We actively promote our partners to our customers who visit our showroom. We are also more than willing to go the "extra mile."  We realize that anything we can do to make our contractors look good reflects well on all of us. A project that is sucessful in the eyes of a homeowner will almost always turn into more business for everyone down the road.

On a recent project one of the carpenters dropped a hammer and dented a hardwood floor. The contractor was worried the entire section of floor would have to be replaced. One of our expert installers was sent to fix the dent and the costly replacement was avoided. We won, the contractor won, and the customer won because the floor looked great after the repair!

Always Delivering

We see situations such as the damaged floor or the occasional schedule mishap, not as an inconvenience, but rather a valuable opportunity to build long-term relationships with our contractors.

You don’t have to ask us twice. We’re ready to do whatever’s necessary to keep a job on track because we know this provides value to you. We trust you’ll return to a flooring contractor that:

  • Always produces beautiful work
  • Sticks to the budget
  • Stays on schedule
  • Is devoted to customer satisfaction
  • Does whatever it takes to make the project a success

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