3 Ways Our Website Can Inspire Your Next Floor Project

Rod Lorenz

Have you been considering redecorating your home? Redecorating or renovating your home can be an exciting time but it can also be frustrating. While you know that you want to give your home a new look with new floors, you may be struggling to define the right aesthetic. We’re here to give you some inspiration. Here are three ways our website can inspire your next floor project:


Explore our galleries to find inspiration or identify the look you’ve always wanted but couldn’t quite define. Each of our galleries showcases a different aspect of your floor. Start browsing now:

  • Before and After – Installing new flooring not only alters the way your floors look visually, but it can transform how you feel in that space. We love before and after photos because they make you realize a room’s potential. And only when you see a ‘before’ image of a room next to a photo of the same room with new floors do you recognize what’s possible.
  • Colors – Hardwood floors come in different colors – light, medium, dark, red, and earth tones. And only when you see them in a space will you gain a better understanding of which color and tone bring you joy. It also helps to see how certain wood colors complement your existing furniture.
  • Species – Each wood species comes with a unique grain and underlying color tone. Browse our Species gallery to discover the special characteristics and undertones of maple, red oak, hickory, exotic, white oak, and ash species. We also have domestic species such as walnut, birch, and cherry.
  • Designer Floors – We specialize in handcrafting beautifully unique floors – from old barn wood to wire-brushed. Some designer floors to consider can be found in our gallery, including reclaimed floors, textured floors, wide-width flooring, and flooring with custom colors.
  • Refinished Floors - Browse through photos that demonstrate how your home can be transformed with refinished floors. Refinishing can bring your floors back to life while keeping their existing color. Refinishing is also an option if you want to keep your existing floor but want to give them a makeover with a new color.

The Ralph's Blog

Covering a full range of hardwood floor topics, how-to's, and real-life stories, our blog is a must-read. Our blog will help you discover hardwood floor trends and how to pick the right floor for your lifestyle. Not only will you find inspiration for your next floor project, but you’ll go through the process with more knowledge of the different finishes, stains, and textures. An understanding of hardwood floor installation and maintenance will also help you make better decisions on the floor that suits you best.

The Ralph's Idea Book

Ralph’s Idea Book allows you to realize the potential of your home to be transformed into a living space you will cherish forever. Imagine the possibilities as you explore 41 pages of photos and 15 customers’ stories. Our portfolio features some of the most beautiful and unique floors we have ever worked on. Through the real-life experiences of our customers, you can learn how to customize your floors to create a look that is uniquely “you.” There’s also nothing wrong with seeing the floors we’ve created for our clients and thinking, “this is exactly what I want.”

The bottom line is our website is an amazing resource for you no matter what stage of your project you are at. Whether planning, selecting a provider or simply dreaming, be sure to check out website.

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