3 Ways to Change the Look of Wood Stairs

Rod Lorenz

The nature and shape of stairs mean they are often a focal point in your home and if they look old or shabby, it impacts your entire design project. Whether you are updating a single room with stairs or doing a whole home reno, here are three ways that you can refresh the stairs in your home.

Refinish the treads.

Hardwood is a timeless interior design option but stains tend to reflect the most current trends. We refinish treads (horizontal portion) not the risers (vertical portion) or skirt boards (the side board) to update the look of your stairs and can match an existing floor or use a custom stain / finishes that offer a selection of colors and features. Some of the most popular finishes include water-based, oil finishes, and even a non-slip water base finish. Each produces different benefits depending on whichever best accompanies the finishes and wood you choose.

Replace the treads and risers.

Stairs can be a high traffic floor area in your home and some damage such as deep dents or scratches, water stains, and warping can't be fixed. Replacement hardwood stair treads and risers are available prefinished or unfinished and can make an old staircase look new again. Unfinished treads and risers are finished in our shop and then installed on-site.

Install luxury vinyl over existing treads.

Replacing your treads with luxury vinyl creates a gorgeous wood-look floor that is easy to maintain, perfect for creating a cohesive design and holds up well to the heavy traffic that stairs see. We can assist you in coordinating vinyl treads and transitions. Luxury vinyl for stairs is designed to completely cover each stair, and they come with the end piece already built-in, reducing the time needed to install.

The aesthetic of the staircase should align perfectly with your interior design vision and create a cohesive look that beautifully transitions between the floors.

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