Your hardwood floors: a pick-me present for yourself

Rod Lorenz


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My family has a special Christmas tradition we look forward to every year: We give each other what we call “pick-me” presents. 

It’s a tradition started by my mother-in-law and now carried on by my wife and sister-in-law. They wrap up two gifts in one box and the person they’re giving the present to gets to choose which gift to keep and which one to return. 

It’s just a playful thing, but it’s become an important part of our Christmas celebration. It’s fun wondering who’s going to get the first pick-me present and seeing which gifts everyone choses. We get a great sense of what each person’s tastes are when they make their selection. 

Usually, it’s not a huge choice because the gifts are similar. The difference is typically something like two shirts that vary only in their color or pattern. The thinking is: “I know you want a shirt, but I don’t know whether you’d prefer blue or brown, so I’ll let you choose.” 

That logic makes a lot of sense to me. The difference in color could be the difference between a shirt that’s a favorite and a shirt that never sees the outside of the closet. So, it’s not just the playfulness I like about this tradition. I also like that it’s practical—letting us make a choice that best fits our personal tastes. 

It’s the same logic that underlies Ralph’s philosophy of helping our customers select the hardwood floors of their dreams. It’s a lot larger scale—our customers have many more options than two—but the thinking is the same: The more choices you have, the more likely you are to end up with what makes you the happiest. 

The ability to select flooring that makes a personal statement is one of the wonderful things about hardwood floors. With choices about type of wood, color, grain, texture, dimensions, and more, homeowners can create their own unique masterpiece. 

That’s why we urge anyone thinking about a hardwood floor project to visit our showroom, where one of our hardwood floor experts will listen to your dream and guide you through the options to make it happen. You can see, feel, and walk on your many options. 

Your pick-me present can be your own hardwood floors! 

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