Add Warmth to a Neutral Color Scheme with Hardwood Floors

Rod Lorenz

Neutral color palettes are sometimes misconceived as a bland or generic; however, the beauty of neutrals lies in their versatility. Shades like white, grey, and beige become beautiful, calming backdrops that complement other bold colors and textures. Not only do neutrals have a timeless, classic appeal, but they make decorating easier.

Airy Light Hardwood Flooring

Light-colored hardwood flooring can make spaces appear more prominent. The trick is optical as it accents natural light and gives off an airy atmosphere. Low-contrast pairings like light wood flooring paired with a muted contemporary palette of neutrals create a monochrome richness. Adding a few limited pops of warm saturated colors create a designer look.

Coziness of Medium Tones  

Medium-colored wood flooring has a cozy, welcoming appeal that complements neutral undertones like taupe and gray beautifully. Some medium wood flooring that adds warmth to a neutral color palette includes maple, ash, white oak, and yellow birch flooring.

Dark and Refined Wood Flooring

A lot of people assume “neutral” means white or beige. But neutral paint colors are actually much more diverse. They can also include grays, blues, greens, and browns. Essentially, a neutral is any color that doesn’t add its own personality to the space. It’s a color that doesn’t command the space but supports it, creating a good backdrop. Dark-colored flooring adds character and contrast while accentuating neutral color schemes. When done right, the space will look warm, streamlined, and refined.

Classic Red Tones

Warm neutrals have undertones of red, yellow or brown that catch the eye and appear more active. When it comes to adding warmth to your home, red-colored flooring offers striking results. Red birch and cherry wood flooring make such a statement that they’re not only perfect for neutral color schemes but for minimalist homes. Red hardwood floors come in many varieties and finding one that complements your warm neutral-colored space won’t be difficult.

Trendy Earth Tones

Earth toned colors are becoming something of a trend in interior design color schemes. For hardwood floors this means rich, earthy tones that you’d find in the natural world. The browns and grays of Ash and French oak offer a rich but grounded pop of color in an otherwise neutral space. And they work great with other natural materials like metal, stone, linen, and woven materials.

Hardwood flooring is a natural complement for a neutral color aesthetic. No matter what floor you have or want - light, medium, dark, red, or earthy - all can add warmth to any neutral room style.

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