3 Ways Hardwood Floors Can Add Character To Your Home

Cortney Lindquist

Hardwood floor colors, textures, and finishes can be combined in many different ways to add character to your home and create any style you seek.


One of hardwoods most compelling characteristics is the wide range of textures available to homeowners. Every hardwood floor has a texture—whether it’s smooth and sleek, rough and rugged, or something in between.

Smooth floors sanded flat are a very common choice. It is the easiest surface to clean and offers a simple, even appearance that many people love. 

Many textured floors offer visually appealing marks and characteristics that are traditionally seen in very old floors. Some of these popular styles include handscraping, saw marks, distressing, water stains, and wire-brushing.

You can also achieve more character in the floor by beveling the edges to add greater definition to each plank. These bevels can be deep and handscraped to stand out or minimal in size to simply give the floor a more unique look. Although this look is most often found in prefinished floors, it’s also available in a custom site-finished floor.


The classic and polished appearance of light color flooring makes any room have an open and airy feel. Blonde or whitewashed hardwood is popular with those looking for a more modern and minimalistic look. The lighter-colored floors will allow your space to appear even more extensive and allow your furniture to stand out.

Dark colored flooring accentuates the lively character of the grain and makes any room have a stately and refined feel. Rug placements can also add to a darker floored room to highlight the room’s focal area and create a warm and striking balance. Accented with equally deep rich wood furniture to create a sense of real luxury.


Hardwood floor finishes protect the flooring, but they also can be used to add character to the floors. Finishes can add high-end shine, natural matte or make the colors in the wood “pop”.

Clear finishes let natural hardwood color stand out and stains can be used to create virtually any color you want. One of the most popular finish over the years has been the Swedish finish, which brings out a very rich color.

The options for creating character are nearly unlimited. No matter what look you’re after, Ralph’s can provide it. If you visit our showroom, we will you get the exact look you want and give our expert advice. We’ll also explain the pros and cons of each option in terms of durability, ease of maintenance, and cost.

We're here to help. Contact us at 920-984-3383, 800-354-9902 or info@ralphshardwood.com. Showroom appointments are available.

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