Are Whitewashed Floors Coming Back?

Rod Lorenz

Just like whitewashed jeans, whitewashed floors are back in style!

People are taking things back to the 1980s, but with some fresh upgrades. The whitewashed floors of today are more subtle and have a more matte look than the whitewashed floors popular in the 80s.

To some, this trend is a bit extreme, but for those looking for a slightly different vibe, whitewashed floors are a great option. They look edgy and classy at the same time.

If you like the subtle, soft look of whitewashed flooring; you’re not alone. It appeals to many homeowners. It complements contemporary interior designs while retaining the beauty and charm of natural wood. It can make your home look bigger, brighter, and more relaxed.

Whitewashed hardwood flooring is the perfect look for many people.Whitewashing is often accompanied by mineral streaks, which give the wood a linear look for a more contemporary style. They work particularly well on white oak.

And if you don’t want pure white, the whitewashed look includes shades such as white gray and white beige, which can be achieved with expert staining techniques.

Unlike the whitewash from the 80s, modern whitewashed floors use high-grade waterborne polyurethanes that provides much greater durability and a more premium appearance. This look is more of a California-vibe trend that started spreading across the continent. The West Coast feel is more relaxed and so are today’s whitewashed floors.

Besides the beachy California look, whitewashed wood floors are also perfect for farmhouse-style homes. For those who want a worn, aged look, whitewash works like a charm.


If you need any advice or want to see and talk about the whitewashed floor look, stop by our showroom.

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