Furniture Pads Are Your Friend

Rod Lorenz

Hardwood floors are incredibly durable and easy to maintain, and it doesn't take too much work or money to keep them looking unblemished and beautiful for many years. Unfortunately, many homeowners make easily avoidable mistakes that damage their floors, and a prime example is failing to put furniture pads under the feet of their furniture. Furniture pads are inexpensive and take just a couple of minutes and little effort to install. Using them is a simple way to save a floor from getting scuffed up.

Chair Glides

Chair glides are a base with a built-in felt bottom that allows the chair to slide across the floor and not scratch the wood's finish. Chair glides are an ideal pad option for chairs with wooden feet.

Historically, glides have been connected to the bottom leg of the chair with a nail that comes attached on the top side of the base. However, this style is dated and not recommended nowadays. The base can crack or come loose from the nail, which can cause scratching of the floor every time the chair is moved.

A better option to use is tap-in glides. Instead of the nail, on top of the tap-in glides is a hollow cylinder made of thin and sturdy metal, sharp enough to be hammered into the wood of the leg bottom. The tap-in glides are less likely to crack the wood than a nail; they can be attached more firmly and can provide more support to the base.

Adhesive Felt Pads

Adhesive pads can also be used for furniture, and they are definitely a far better option than no protection at all. However, their disadvantage is that - unlike felt pads or glides - they tend to fall off if the chairs are used a lot. But, for metal feet chairs, adhesive pads are the only protective option. Still, it is all the protection you may need.

Adhesive felt pads can also be used on wooden feet chairs, as long as the loose ones are regularly replaced and existing ones are kept clean. This is especially true for kitchen chairs, where pads can regularly pick up grit.

Furniture Socks

Another option of furniture pads for hardwood floors is furniture socks. This type of pad is designed to keep your floors and furniture from being scratched while allowing you to easily and quietly slide furniture across the hardwood floor. Furniture socks can be used on tables, chairs, plant stands, and any other furniture that come into contact with the floor. Additionally, furniture socks are easy to clean since they are machine washable, so you can quickly wash them and put them back on.

Take Away

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and lifelong investment, as long as you properly take care of them. That is why furniture pads for hardwood floors are an absolute essential. Go through your entire house and take inventory of your existing furniture pads. Make sure you've padded all furniture that comes in direct contact with the floor and if you find any damaged pads, replace them immediately. Keep extra pads and whenever you bring in a new furniture item, pad it right away. Would you like to talk with us about hardwood floors? We’re here to help. Feel free to contact us, or you can come to visit our showroom.

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