Hardwood Color Trends for 2021

Rod Lorenz

One of the perks of being in business for more than a century is experiencing the latest flooring trends and seeing what has remained timeless. While colors and styles come, go, and even come back for a few more seasons, some appear to want to stay year after year.

Hardwood Floor Trends in 2019

Back in 2019, we saw homeowners moving away from the warm exotic reddish tones. Instead we saw most people leaning more on simple, clean, and versatile neutral-colored or lighter shades, such as the blonde or whitewashed hardwood finishes. Gray also remained popular for its sleek and stylish palette.

Hardwood Floor Trends in 2020

In 2020, homeowners started leaning towards cool browns and combining dark floors with white or light-colored walls to open up their spaces. Whitewashed floors were still popular, but homeowners favored more natural and subtle tones with a matte finish this time around. Popular choices were European white oak with a smooth grain finish for raw and organic looks. Gray continued to set the trend however with more beige to create "greige" tones. 2020 continued to leave warmer reds and browns behind.

Hardwood Floor Trends in 2021

For 2021 we expect to see a shift towards dark relaxed brown tones that are pure and cool. Grays are still in especially when combined with cooler tone walls. A combination of both dark brown and a touch of gray lightens the shade and adds coolness and depth to your hardwood flooring color.

For those looking to go darker and darker, combinations of ebony, dark walnut, and jacobean continue to be crowd favorites with 50/50 blend ratios mixing ebony with other dark variants such as dark walnut, antique brown, coffee brown, or special walnut (or a blend of these).

The exciting aspect about hardwood floors is that they can be sanded down, re-stained and you have yourself a new look. Trends may be appealing, but at the end of the day, sitting in your living room and admiring your space, what matters is what relaxes you in the house that you call 'home.'

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