Here are 5 interior design trends to watch in 2023

Rod Lorenz

They say that trends come and go while classics last a lifetime. We have found that the most popular interior design trends are just that as they aim to redefine home aesthetics for generations to come.

Here are 5 interior design trends to watch in 2023:

1. Multi-functional Spaces
2. Light and Bright
3. Bold Colors, Lively Patterns & Rich Textures
4. Green & Copper Elements
5. Serene Nature-Inspirations

Multi-functional Spaces

With the increase in working from home. There has been a noticeable movement towards creating more flexible and multi-functional space. Open plan interiors are increasingly sectioned off, as homeowners are rethinking their layouts and opting for a more “broken plan” living. The focus is on making the best use of every inch of every room, injecting personality into clearly defined zones for work and relaxation. Essentially, multi-functional spaces opt for a more compact, yet comfortable living space where everything is in an easy-to-access area. But also done in a way that compliments the aesthetic appeal of the overall space.

Light and Bright

Taken from Scandi-inspired trends in minimalist design spaces, the Light and Bright trend uses elements such as lighter wood flooring to promote uplifting, calming tones. It reduces what is unnecessary and uplifts what is necessary. The focus is on the simplicity, tranquility, and clean lines that will give your home a modern and inviting look to it.

Bold Colors, Lively Patterns & Rich Textures

in 2023 we will see homeowners express their personalities with bold colors and luxurious textural elements and a more playful approach to interior designing utilizing fun patterns and textures that embrace color and tactility.

Flooring options for this type of interior design include parquet and especially herringbone patterns. We’ve started to see more designers add to this by adding brushed textures to wood flooring to create texture and enhance the overall character of their flooring. This adds liveliness and character to your home.

Green & Copper Elements

Green will continue to be a popular choice with designers and the trend will be to warm up dark green décor with oak flooring and rich copper accents, creating deeply luxurious living spaces. Green promotes new beginnings and growth, while copper promotes wealth and creativity. Think of this design as a way to start a new year with good fortune and prosperity!

Serene Nature-Inspirations

Environments that focus on mindfulness and mental health, creating a sanctuary for those thoughts and feelings to rest are on trend for this year. Calming organic elements, as well as eco-conscious and reclaimed natural materials, are also trending. They encourage greater sensitivity and consciousness of our collective impact on the environment. Wood flooring brings that very organic element and energy to your home, as it’s both sustainable and natural aesthetic.

Did any of these interior design trends pique your curiosity? Let us know. We can help make it happen with your floor.

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