Hardwood and Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Multifamily Buildings

Cortney Lindquist

If you’re looking to improve the overall value of your building (be it a building with apartments or condos), one of the several things you need to concentrate on is the flooring, which can alter the entire design of the room. Flooring sets the tone.

With that in mind, we wanted to show you how different types of floors are used in various multifamily buildings and how that improves their value and overall look.

Hardwood Is a Classic

Hardwood floors have stood the test of time. They are adored by older generations and still in favor with younger ones who are looking for style and elegance and might be renting instead of buying.

What’s more, research tells us that homebuyers and renters are willing to give more for a home that has hardwood floors - at least 54% of them. If that weren’t enough, people looking for high-end homes definitely want hardwood flooring, as 87% of them have stated. That just goes to show how incredibly popular hardwood floors are and how they benefit home renters as much as homeowners..

What About Vinyl?

Naturally, hardwood is not the only choice, and many buildings have other luxurious types of flooring, like luxury vinyl tiles, which are used in many contemporary designs and can achieve a look that is similar to hardwood.

What Should You Do?

As you can see, the choices are plenty, but in the end, it all comes down to what you truly want to gain. 

It also depends on each specific room. For example, kitchens and other areas that handle heavy traffic do well with something very sturdy, like oak or hickory. These species stand the test of time and can withstand heavy use just as well as other flooring types such as real stone or high-end ceramic tile. This longevity benefits both lessors and lessees. 

Ralph’s Hardwood Floors specializes in high-end hardwood flooring and can design something that fits your unique needs. Visit our showroom to see how we do it.

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