How Long Should the Planks in My Hardwood Floors Be?

Rod Lorenz

When you're choosing the type of hardwood-floor boards for your floors, it’s important to consider not only their width but also their length. Some styles require shorter boards, and some others require long ones. It's essential to choose the right type if you want to complement your interior-design style properly.

With that in mind, we wanted to explain how both lengths of hardwood-floor planks can complement your home’s design in a unique manner. Let's take a look:

What Makes Long Boards a Great Choice?

Above all else, longer planks give you visual continuity that can create a great general look of the room. Longer boards tend to fit in perfectly with larger rooms because they reinforce the room’s size, and they make the room feel bigger when you take a closer look.

What Makes Short Boards a Great Choice?

When you're looking to make the room appear smaller than it is, the floor plays a crucial role. That's because shorter boards tend to make large rooms appear smaller than they actually are.

Smaller boards have a single problem that longer boards don't. If they are too short, they can make the floor look choppy, which won’t complement any interior-design style.

Random Can Be Good

You can choose boards of different lengths  to create visual excitement. Randomness creates charm and interest.

The Bottom Line – Which Should You Choose?

The length of the floor planks can have a significant impact on your overall interior design. Their length can make a room appear larger or smaller, as well as achieving a wide range of other effects. Which you choose should be based on you overall interior-design goals.

Ralph’s Hardwood Flooring can help you with this decision if you get in touch with us.

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