How to Prevent Scratching Your Hardwood Floors

Rod Lorenz

You’ve always wanted to have beautiful hardwood floors, and you have finally had them installed. The house is now clean, you’ve moved the furniture back in, and you’re enjoying the feel of the wood under your feet. But one day, you notice a scratch. It may not be that serious, as it doesn’t stand out, but it got you thinking—how can I prevent scratching my new floors?

Here are some recommendations (which also apply to refinished floors):

Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning routines protect against scratching.

Entry Mats at the Front Door

Hardwood floor scratches can be caused by different culprits, such as sand, grit, and water/snow, which can cause floors near entrances to wear down quickly. To prevent that, get two entrance mats for each entrance—one for the outside and one for inside the door.

Add Rubber or Felt Pads for the Bottoms of Your Furniture

Add rubber and felt pads to chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture that move the most. The pads can make a big difference with these items, allowing them to move without the risk of scratching your floor.

Avoid Cleats, Stilettos, and Spiky Shoes

These can dig into hardwood and cause visible scratches.

Avoid Chairs with Casters or Rollers

Grit and dirt tend to get caught in casters or rollers. Either get some mats to go beneath these chairs or avoid them entirely. If you absolutely must use them, then opt for chairs with casters made of rubber material. These are designed specifically for use on hardwood floors.

Add Rugs on Areas Where Chairs Are Moved Often

Floor rugs come in handy for areas where chairs are moved often, such as dining rooms. They will prevent scratching the floor and reduce the noise.

To learn more about caring for your hardwood floors, we invite you to download our free guide, Floor Care Instructions.

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