How to Put Together Your Custom-Home Dream Team

Rod Lorenz

Once you envision the home of your dreams, it’s time to make it a reality. To do that, you’ll need a team of professionals with different but complementing areas of expertise.


You have your vision, but you need an architect to design a feasible way to make it a reality. The key is to find an architect who will truly listen to you and then provide professional, expert suggestions about how to build a home you’ll love—within budget!

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer will ensure that the blueprints and plans you and your architect have developed are structurally sound and meet building codes.

Builder (General Contractor)

Builders manage the process of turning your home design into an actual building. They are ultimately responsible for the quality of the construction, and they manage and hire the necessary specialty subcontractors—electrical engineers, plumbers, painters, roofers, flooring installers, etc.

Your builder can make or break the quality and efficiency of your home’s construction. That’s why it’s crucial to do proper research before you hire anyone. Check that they have an excellent reputation for being detailed, punctual, capable, and committed to satisfying customers. They also need to have established working relationships with the top specialty contractors in your area.

Interior Designer

When it comes to the inside of your home, if you don’t have a specific idea of how you want everything to look (or you don’t know how to get what you know you want), it’s best to hire an interior designer. Ideally, this professional will be involved during the planning and building process, helping you decide which aspects of the construction (e.g., walls, cabinetry, flooring) will best achieve your wishes.

Specialty Subcontractors

If a builder you’re considering works with subcontractors known for quality, efficiency, and customer service, then that’s a great sign that the builder knows how to satisfy—and even exceed—your expectations. Ralph’s prides itself on being such a subcontractor.

To learn the value of what Ralph's provides, please contact us. (Or you can just ask homeowners who have Ralph’s floors—they’ll tell you they got the best!)

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