How to Replace Ugly Old Carpet with Amazing New Hardwood

Rod Lorenz

No one likes the look of old carpet. Usually they are filthy from years of foot traffic, there are stains, and they are a magnet for allergens like dead skin particles, pet dander, dust mites, and mold.

Even carpets with proper maintenance and deep cleaning, can look worn down, thinned out, and have a lingering smell.

Whether your carpet is old or just ugly, the good news is that replacing it with hardwood floors is easier than you think – especially when you leave it to the professionals.

Have you ever wondered how the experts replace ugly old, carpeted floors with amazing new hardwood? Here’s how we do it.

Out with the Old

We start with the basic rule of going in reverse to take things back to the original sub-floor. We remove any trim to access the tack strips. Tack strips are the strips of wood that hold the carpet in place so that the carpet doesn’t have to be nailed down to the floor. From there, we remove the carpet, followed by the padding.

We then remove the tack strips around the edges of the room, including the nails holding them in place. If nails weren’t used, then it’s likely staples or glue that’s holding down the tack strips.

We cut the carpet into workable sections, allowing us to pull it free, roll it up, and take it out. We pull up the padding, prying up all the nails, staples, and strips. If glue were used to hold down the tack strips, we would scrape off the glue.

Installing New Hardwood Floor

Depending on the height of your surrounding floor covering and the structure of your existing subfloors, we may need to add an additional layer of plywood. If there’s a concrete floor beneath the old carpet, we cover the slab with a liquid moisture barrier layer before installing the floors on top of it. 

The next step would depend on the kind of hardwood floors we’ll be installing. In most cases, we use a nail down floor over the existing subfloor however sometimes the new floor is glued to the concrete slab. 

Take Away

Replacing old, ugly carpet with amazing new hardwood isn't complex. The process involves removing the carpet, and whatever was used to secure it to the sub-floor. And the floor underneath the carpet determines how we prepare to install the new hardwood floor. But while these are important processes, the most important job when installing hardwood floors is picking a floor you’ll love.

Not sure where to start? Let one of our hardwood floor experts help you choose the right hardwood floor for your space.

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