Interior Design Spotlight: Luxurious Comfort

Rod Lorenz

There’s an interior trend that focuses not just on style but also places emphasis on comfort. The trend focuses on a certain kind of design, one that utilizes materials and colors that sets a cool vibe - appealing to the senses, calming your anxieties, and motivating therapeutic feelings.

The goal of luxurious comfort design is a home that feels like a sanctuary and is a place where you feel most at peace. While the aim here is comfort, functionality, and overall welcoming, there's nothing stopping you from achieving it in complete style and high-class aesthetics.

When designing your space in the luxurious comfort aesthetic, remember that flooring plays an integral role. The next time you enter a room, pause at the doorway for a moment to take in the full picture of the room. The flooring may seem to only play as a backdrop for furniture and décor. However, flooring is so much more than that, as it commands attention and sets the tone for the environment, projecting its own personality with its presence.

Here are two flooring options that help achieve luxurious comfort.  

Dark-Toned Hardwood

Imagine a space filled with comfortable throws, plump pillows, and a variety of textures and colors - rounded out with the perfect flooring to compliment the rest of the design. Dark-toned flooring is chocolate-hued, creating a rich and classy vibe to the setting with its dark browns and deep veins. The dark tones set a comforting and warm tone, perfect for high-class luxury and heavenly comfort. It complements a high-class aesthetic with its boldness and richness while also emitting a soothing and welcoming environment.

Wood-Look Luxury Vinyl

Wood-look luxury vinyl is ultra-realistic, convincing anyone who looks at it that it's traditional hardwood. And while it gives off the comforting look of wood, it has a softer flooring underfoot, which makes it even better. The design options for luxury vinyl are endless. But one of those most stylish that embodies the luxurious comfort trend is the herringbone pattern, an impressive design that can elevate any space into modern luxe and comfort.  

Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. Consider how much area flooring occupies in a space and how its dominance dictates the overall feel of an entire room. You can achieve both luxury and comfort when you recognize that there can be harmony between both.

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