A Family Thing

Rod Lorenz

I started working at Ralph’s as a boy. It was my father’s business, and he needed the help and wanted to train me to do what he did. Mom was also involved.

In the decades that have followed, we’ve strived to keep that family feeling in the company. Black Creek is a tight-knit community where everybody knows everyone. I’ve hired people who are the children of people I went to school with. Five children of close friends who live a short walk from my house have worked here. We have three cousins working here now. Three of my own cousins have worked here, and one of their grandchildren has worked here.

It’s not a done deal to hire any of these folks. They must be personable and ready to make our customers feel like they’re being helped by their own family. We pride ourselves on our technical skill in installing flooring, but we strive to be more than that. We’re not a big-box store. We’re still a family business, and I think that’s a major reason why we stand out.

When we interview someone to join our team, we focus on their personality. If they’re not someone that we’d like in our actual families, we don’t want them to be part of the Ralph’s family. They have to be nice, ready to please, and willing to learn from our most-experienced crew leaders. If they’re not going to be able to take care of you like you’re a family member, they’re not right for us.

It’s easy to say these things, but it’s not easy to make it a truth. If you’re in the market for flooring, call us to schedule a visit to our showroom. You’ll see what I’m taking about. We don’t take any of our employees for granted, and we certainly don’t take any of our customers for granted. In the same way that all prospective employees may not be right for us, we might not be right for you. But we will be if you give us a chance to help with your flooring project.

When you’re investing in flooring, you’re investing in your home, and we want you to feel at home when you do business with us.  We’ve grown a lot since Dad started the business, but we haven’t outgrown the principles he began with. Just like with any family members, we aren’t happy unless you’re happy.

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