Nothing Beats the Customer Service of a Family Company

Rod Lorenz

Customer service is supposed to be something that serves you as a customer; it's in the very words of the concept! However, more often than not, it's something that's merely a hassle, and a place you have to contact because you need their help. Unfortunately, that help rarely comes without additional headaches.

It is our firm belief that this stems from the fact that people associate customer service with huge companies—such as the well-known “Big-Box” stores—that are just too big to have time to adequately care for each of their customers. Even if they actually care, and some of them do, too many customers will fall through the cracks due to the sheer number of them served.

Just consider the shipping from these Big-Box stores if you buy something that needs to be delivered. Yes, it should arrive at your door smoothly and quickly, but that’s often not the case. At least it's not as simple and easy as it should be, and as they claim it is. Orders get lost, mistakes are made, and errors in shipping information are not uncommon.

You can probably agree that Big-Box employees  are less than helpful and sometimes downright unhelpful. It's too often the case that they merely try to 'be done with you' in as short a time as possible. Workers at Big Box stores often have too many customers to deal with, and they often forget that you are real people with real problems. They see you as numbers that have to be resolved by the end of their shift.

The Real Answer to the Problem of Customer Service

Big-Box stores might not have the solution, but others do. Homegrown, family-owned stores like Ralph's Hardwood Floors don't have this problem.

We are big enough to give you the best product but not too big to lose sight of what matters most—the customer's satisfaction. That's why you can always rely on Ralph's customer service. Our people serve you like they’d like to be served if they were the customer.

Someone at Ralph’s will always be there to give you the help you need. We make sure they have enough time to focus on making you more-than-pleased. You are not a number in our eyes.

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