The benefits of letting professionals install your hardwood floor

Rod Lorenz


installation-hardwood-floor-resized-162.jpgHere at Ralph's, we believe you should take any opportunity you can to put hardwood flooring in your home. It looks great, adds warmth to your home and when installed correctly, it can exceed the lifetime of many other aspects of your home. All in all hardwood is a win-win.

The key phrase here is "when installed correctly". In order to get the most out of your investment in hardwood flooring you need it to be installed right and unlike some Do-It-Yourself home projects, hardwood flooring can be complicated.

Save time and money by using a professional installer.

Some homeowners think they can save money by installing their own hardwood. It isn’t impossible for this to be true but there are real benefits to letting professional installers handle the job - real benefits that can save you time and money.  It will also save you the frustration of making your way back and forth from the big box store, buying and returning unnecessary tools.  Using a professional installer will help make sure you don’t.

Get the job done on time.

DIY projects can have the unintended consequence of never really getting done. A professional installer not only knows just how long a project will take but how to get it done on schedule.

Sub-floors need love.

Proper preparation of your sub-floor prior to installing hardwood is essential to ensuring your floor looks great. If the subfloor is not properly cleaned, not dry, or not flat, your hardwood floor may end up needing future repairs or even reinstallation.

Saws, hammers…and a few other things.

A professional hardwood floor install requires a wide range of tools and most homeowners don't have these tools readily available. Here is a list of just some of the tools a professional hardwood floor installer uses:

Saws of all types (i.e. Circular, Table, Jig, Miter, etc) for getting the right dimensions of boards and planks

Moisture meter for testing moisture levels in wood – very important

- Level

- Air compressor

- Nail gun

- Stapler

- Sanders

- Buffer

Experience and skill mean a lot.

Installers at Ralph's have, on average, 10 years of experience. They understand hardwood floor installation is a craft and spent the time to make sure they know what they are doing. It is a career and they are committed to being the very best at theirs.

This isn't to say you shouldn't read blogs like this, spend time on YouTube and watch home improvement TV shows because it is always good to be knowledgeable but that isn't the same as actually undertaking a hardwood floor install project.

Our installers have seen just about every situation imaginable and know just how to manage them. Let their experience be your benefit and ensure your floor lasts a lifetime.

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