The Differences Between Wide and Narrow Flooring Boards

Rod Lorenz

When it comes to hardwood-floor options, you can choose to use either wide or narrow boards. The problem for most people is deciding which to choose. The width of boards is very noticeable on the floor, which is why you need to think carefully about your preference.

To help you with that, we wanted to explain the significant differences between narrow and wide boards. I hope this helps you decide which boards are the better choice for your interior-design style.

What Makes Wide Boards a Great Choice?

Wide boards are all wider than five or six inches. With natural hardwood, wide boards tend to be better at pointing out all the inherent splendor and detailing that exists only in wood.

Wide boards have fewer cracks and create fewer issues in the long run. More importantly, they are always good-looking to most people, as you can choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can fit them perfectly into your room or virtually anywhere in your entire house.

However, they are still best-suited for people who strive to make their homes look ultra-modern, and they tend to look better in larger rooms. Additionally, if you want to have a cabin-like look or a minimalist one, wider boards are also the better choice. Wide planks are essentially the trademark of the rustic, classical interior design.

What Makes Narrow Boards a Great Choice?

Like wide boards, narrow boards come in many shapes and sizes, which is why you can easily fit them into any room.

However, what about their look? By their nature, they can make the floor look a bit busy, and are thus more suited for smaller rooms where such a feel complements the style of the room. Narrow boards tend to elongate the room and give it an elegant feel that it might have previously lacked.

The Bottom Line – Which Should You Choose?

In interior design, the boards you use for your floors can make or break the style. Naturally, what you choose to use is entirely up to you, and it depends entirely on the style and feel you are trying to achieve.

You can choose to use narrow or wide boards, but you can also opt for combining the two and making something truly unique and beautiful. If you need help deciding which option is better for your home, feel free to contact us, and we can create the flooring that is uniquely yours to the core.

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