The Staying Power of the Wider and Longer Hardwood Flooring Trend

Rod Lorenz

Many hardwood flooring trends come and go, but the wide-plank / extra long-length trend has real staying power - and the longer and wider the board, the more popular they seem to be.

We know that wider and longer planks are undeniably beautiful and we think their timelessness is also because of:

The wide-open floor plan trend - More and more homes are designed to have wide-open floor plans. And the enduring allure of the wide-plank, long-length format fits perfectly with this aesthetic.

Ability to make large spaces look even bigger - This wider/longer format also has the power to play tricks on the eyes. Wider, longer boards in a large space allow a floor to balance out the vastness of a space, evoking a sense of expansiveness in rooms.

More character and appeal - Larger cuts of wood also show off more of the timber’s personality, playing on the design trend of bringing the outdoors in and filling rooms with a sense of natural calm. The problem with smaller planks is that they tend to create busier patterns which can be overwhelming, especially in large spaces.

Cleaner visuals - Another benefit of using wider-width/long-length boards is the ability to create a cleaner, more open visual – making it ideal for contemporary homes that aim to achieve minimal, less cluttered appearances. To accomplish this look, wood flooring designers try to reduce the distracting seams across the floor. And when there’s a wide plank but only 2-3 feet long, the result is a floor with too many seams.

The average length of most wood flooring being sold today is 2-3 feet long with widths commonly around 5 inches. The floorboards for the long / wide trend can be as long as 12 feet and start at 8.5 inches wide. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find wood floorboards that are over 6 feet long and if you order longer lengths as a special order, you will pay extra and wait longer to get them; however, the look makes the price and wait worthwhile.

We believe that the wider-longer trend will continue and endure, especially now that we’re seeing more and more homes being constructed and renovated to have big open floor plans. 

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