The Traditions That Matter

Rod Lorenz

Some years ago a Christmas tree tradition started with some couples my wife and I were friends with. Each year we would all go to a Christmas tree lot and cut our own trees. When it first started...

...none of us had any kids and it was just a great outing for friends. As the years went by and we all began having kids, it got even more enjoyable. The kids would get so excited when they found the perfect tree and the trip to the Christmas tree lot became something to really look forward to.

Even those visits that didn't go as planned, were memorable. One year our friends found a great tree, cut it down and strapped the tree to the top of their car to take it home - only for it fly off as they drove down the road. Fortunately, no one was hurt and of course the rest of us had a great laugh and a memory that will last forever.

As time went by, the group got smaller. Eventually it was just our family. My wife and I thought it might be time to get an artificial tree. This was an absolute no go for our kids. They loved the idea of cutting down our own tree and couldn't imagine we wouldn't do it. Even though the kids are 16 and 21 now and generally don't want to do things with us, they still want to go cut a tree. As I thought about this, I realized that we had started a family tradition. A tradition that would last.
Lorenz Family Christmas Tree Cutting

Hardwood floors are the same in my mind. They are tradition. When I see a hardwood floor in a family home, I can't help but think about the different generations that walked, and lived, on them. In a way I see floors are the foundation for all of the memories made by families like mine.

At the end of this anything but normal year, family and traditions have never been more important. They tie us to a sense of normalcy and remind us of gratitude for the people and things in our life that bring us joy. Hardwood floors are sort of the same. They’re  a fundamental part of any home that has them, just as Christmas family activities are. They endure.

And they look great with Christmas trees from Wisconsin!

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