Using your floor to make small spaces look bigger

Rod Lorenz

When asked, most people would say their rooms only have four walls. On the other hand, interior designers see six, as they count the floor and ceiling as two different walls. They place value on the dramatic impact of the flooring and ceiling to the size of any room. Different decorating tips can help make a small space look bigger.

Furniture and Its Placement

The type of furniture and its placement along the room can help make it appear larger. It is best to select shorter furniture, such as an ottoman and low table, rather than large or tall pieces. If you have large furniture, it would be best to place them alongside walls. Focus on keeping the view into a room clear and unobstructed, creating an illusion of a larger space.

Same Type of Flooring

It would be best to use the same flooring throughout the area in a tiny living space. The use of different floor types breaks the room into smaller areas. In comparison, the same kind of flooring creates continuity between rooms, giving an illusion of a larger space. Also, be careful of rugs and carpets as they can often make a room appear smaller.

Use of Wide Planks

If you’re in the construction phase, note that the use of floorboards 5 inches or wider is recommended to make the space appear bigger and more balanced. The wider the planks, the fewer you would need to fill up the room, resulting in a more seamless and uncluttered finish.

Use of Cool Neutral Shades

Dark wood exudes a romantic and regal aura, but it can also swallow up a room’s space. To widen the perspective, stick to light monochromatic color schemes such as wood planks in white, gray, taupe, or beige tones. Besides bringing a feeling of lightness, matching the furniture, walls, and flooring would be much easier if they all remained neutral.

Just because your space is small does not mean you have to skimp on style. If you want to make your living area feel more open and inviting, there are a lot of strategies you can try.

One of these is considering your choice of flooring, as this can make a huge impact on making a room visually bigger.

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