What is Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Cortney Lindquist

So, you have plans to redesign your current home to change the look. The walls have a nice light tone; your furniture is meticulously placed in your rooms which effortlessly complement yet contrast the walls. But your flooring lacks character; it’s not truly matching your lifestyle. And you say it’s time to replace your floors.

You may have heard of “Distressed Wood” before but may have stayed away from it because of its negative connotation. Distressed wood may sound painful but there’s an undeniable allure to this type of wood that looks weathered.

What is Distressed Hardwood flooring really?

Distressed hardwood is a deliberate high-tech machine process of brushing and scraping of wood to achieve a worn or vintage look. It creates imperfect textures that makes wood look authentically old with crescent-shaped gouges, grain variations, wire brushes, after wire brushes and plank edges designed to add more character and unique feel.

They give a unique look to your home

There are many hardwood floors that accentuate, compliment, and even elevate the sophistication in a home. Then, there is distressed hardwood, often seen in chic, rustic homes bursting with personality.   They come in many pre-finished varieties so picking a style that best meets your desire is no problem at all. But if you have a very specific theme in mind, you can even hire professionals for a custom finish.

Distressed hardwood will add a more rustic feel to your home. Combined with proper lighting and furniture, the inconsistencies in the wood such as wormholes, scratches, and discoloration, can transform your living space into something breathtaking.

They offer enhanced durability

Distressed hardwood can take a bit of a beating from all the foot traffic and scratches. The finished hardwood’s abnormalities will make minor damages add to the rusticity of the flooring and even make it look appealing.

They are Low Maintenance

Distressed hardwood floors are supposed to look worn out. The rough and matte finish will hide dirt and dust buildup in your home allowing you to sweep less often.

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