When Is It Time to Replace Hardwood Floors?

Rod Lorenz

Hardwood floors are durable and can last a lifetime when properly maintained. This is the key though - properly maintained. Some older floors can be revitalized with a refinishing job but some can't.

Here are some signs it's time to replace your hardwood floors:

Replacement costs are less than the cost to repair

The older and more damaged your floors are, the more attention they will need. You may find yourself having to make repairs frequently and with materials and labor; the costs will add up. This is when it is a wiser investment to get new floors rather than continue repairing the old ones.

The flooring is faded or damaged with noticeable scratches and dents

Faded or damaged floors can make your home feel dull and old. Other signs that your hardwood floors need to be repaired include peeling, cracking, fading, and discoloration. 

Hardwood floors can be deeply damaged with dents and deep scratches. Superficial dents and scratches can be sanded and refinished but if the dents and scratches are too deep or the surface is too thin, they can no longer be properly filled.

To get your floors to their original state and look like new, you can have them sanded and refinished however, if the damage is too far gone, repair may no longer be an option; you will have to replace the floor.

You have refinished several times and there is nothing left to finish

Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished several times, however if the floor is older and refinished multiple times already, the floors may be too thin, and there will not be enough material left for the floor to be sanded again. In this situation, the floor needs to be replaced.

The floor is relatively new but does not have a thick enough wear layer

Much like the older hardwood floors that can't be sanded and because they have been refinished several times, some of the newer floors have a thin wear layer.   Many new floors have a thin wear layer attached to plywood below.   These floors can not be sanded.   In this situation, the floor needs to be replaced.

You want a new look that can't be done with a refinishing job

It's amazing, what a refinished floor can look like after you have them refinished.   However, the width of floors and species of floors won't change be refinishing them.   In this case, you may just be ready for a whole new look and getting new floors is a sure fire way to dramatically transform the feel of your space.

One of our hardwood floor experts can work with you. They are also ready to help you choose the right hardwood floor to achieve the aesthetic for your home.

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