When Worn-Out is Better Than New

Cortney Lindquist

Distressed flooring can be all-in-one: practical, visually appealing, and offering a special feeling of comfort. It can bring a rustic vibe to your house and comes in various finishes, wood species, and board sizes.

Surprisingly, a distressed wood floor can leave a calming effect. That's because a floor that is distressed properly can add warmth to space.

Different techniques are used for distressing, such as embossing, wire brushing, scraping, sculpting, color washing, tool marking, etching, and liming. These processes provide  the textured effects—such as pits, dents, and nail holes— that give the floor an antique look.

Many people like the idea of a unique item that no one else has. There is a soulfulness to it that just isn't there with mass-produced items. There is a sense of history, and each flooring has its own look. Wear-and-tear can be charming.

Plus, distressed hardwood floors are easy to  maintain. They usually come in a matte finish that hides stains and dirt, but glossier finishes are also available.Since distressed floors already look worn, real wear-and-tear won’t make much of a difference in the look of your floor. This makes them perfect for homes with lots of feet, claws, paws, and high-traffic rooms!

Types of distressed flooring

Uniform tone

If you’re looking for consistency, you can’t go wrong with white oak with a subtle blue/gray undertone and an amber surface.

A light-colored, distressed wood looks great in today's modern homes. This leaves you with a lot of options for decor, while the distressed finish still gives it character.

Rich variation

Antique wood comes in many wood species, shades, and sizes. By mixing a few different antique woods together, you can get a floor with an amazing warmth and depth to the patina and color.

Wide-plank flooring

These pine floor boards have the antique charm that many people imagine when they think of distressed hardwood flooring.

Lights and darks

When you want to combine the distressed wood floor with other hardwood floors in your home, consider choosing mixed colors.

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