Why is White Oak Such a Popular Flooring Choice?

Rod Lorenz

Trends tend to come and go. However, some choices you make when installing your hardwood floors can be enduring, considering how long hardwood floors last. The choice of species is undoubtedly one of these choices.

It seems counter-intuitive to make that choice based on a trend, but a particular species’ popularity or lack thereof could still give you useful pointers. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to break down what makes a hardwood tree species popular and see whether it fits with your flooring vision for your home. Let’s have a closer look at white oak, which homeowners have fallen in love with recently.

White Oak fits in with many design styles

White oak is a very natural-looking hardwood species that has enough versatility to fit with multiple design styles. When compared to another popular species, red oak, it is slightly darker, but also more yellow and brown, and it lacks red oak’s pink undertones. Its grain is also a bit smoother when compared to its red cousin.

However, unlike red oak, white oak is easy to stain in many different shades, which is the primary source of its versatility.


If you want, you can go very light with white oak, and it’s an excellent option for more rustic styles, too.

Light floors are trending

White oak's ability to take a very light stain is significant because light floors, especially in shades of gray and beige, are trending now. That's what has allowed white oak to become a top-selling hardwood species. With homeowners being drawn to neutral and soft, lighter tones for their homes, choosing white oak is a perfect choice.

If you want a different look in the future, it’s very easy to adjust it to the trends, whether the look is contemporary or rustic.

A versatile option is never a bad one, especially when you have a trendy home design in mind.

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