Why Our National Wood Flooring Association Certification Matters to You

Rod Lorenz

Remodeling homes can be challenging due to several factors: from specific spaces to complex materials, specifically in floor installation. Blogs, forums, articles, social media platforms, and video streaming websites can be helpful. Do-it-yourself procedures are also available online as a guide on floor installation. It may equip you with the fundamentals; however, getting a professional floor team to do the work for you gives you peace of mind.

There are benefits of having an expert or a certified professional for floor installation. Some factors need to be considered, such as cost, duration of floor installation, and materials required for your whole project in remodeling or renovating your home. When you hire a crew with a profession in flooring installation service, you save yourself from hassle in both the short term and long term.

Hiring a crew with NWFA certifications assures you to have high-quality, standardized works in the hardwood flooring industry.

NWFA, or National Wood Flooring Association, is a leading international non-profit association known for promoting and maintaining high-standard wood flooring works. They are represented by the broad economy ranging from manufacturers, distributors, inspectors, and installers. Their mission is to unify and strengthen the wood flooring community through technical standards, education, networking, and advocacy, making us more dedicated to giving high-quality and standardized floor installation.

They offer accessible resources, industry-accepted standards, and expert instructors to lead hands-on training events. Earning certifications from the association makes us more confident in our skills, knowledge, and expertise in the wood flooring industry.

NWFA offers a Certified Professional Program to ensure quality craftsmanship that completes extensive wood flooring training. On the program, the curriculum includes

  • The effects of humidity on a floor installation.
  • How ventilation and humidification systems can effect a wood floor.
  • Choosing and installing the right moisture barrier for a base.
  • How to install a full-spread glue down the floor.
  • The right adhesive and fastening systems for each floor.
  • How to choose the right sanding sequence for each floor.
  • The difference between hard wax oil finish and urethane finishes..

Our team regularly attends hands-on training and workshops around the country to enhance our knowledge of the industry’s standards while learning more about innovative finishes and cutting-edge tools to ensure the projects meet or exceed your expectations.

With these certifications we earned and the hard-earned experiences throughout the years, we are experts in every aspect of hardwood flooring. You get the best possible service which makes us true professional artisans.

Working with us will assure you that you’re getting a premium contractor. Ralph Hardwood Flooring is the only team in the region with NWFA Certified Installers and Certified Sand and Finishers. We are trained, experienced experts on installing proper floorings, with processes such as sand and finishing processes. You deserve to get high-quality services from the experts in the hardwood flooring industry.

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