Why Upgrade Your Carpeted Stairway to Hardwood

Rod Lorenz

A prominent stairway is a natural attention grabber and using hardwood adds an extra level of beauty. Carpet, especially if it has been around for a while, can look dingy and ages a space beyond it's years.

Here are four more great reasons to make the switch to hardwood.

1000's of styles to choose from

The sky is the limit when it comes to hardwood treads and risers. Maybe you like the timeless charm of maple or the exquisite softness of white oak – whatever your style is you won’t have any problems with the look you want. By combining species, colors and finishes you can almost do anything.

Custom is no problem

Whether you want a unique look for your stairs or you need to match an existing style, hardwood is strong choice. You can opt for custom treads and risers that perfectly compliment your stair’s architectural framework or you can go with dazzling and blog stains and grains that emphasize the details of your stairway while making a statement of your own personality.

Whether you have a straight-flight, L-shaped, circular, split, or curved-type staircase, hardwood stands out adding a rich organic touch. They add more natural flare and classic beauty into one’s home altogether.

Hardwood is long lasting

Hardwood is all about strength. Thanks to its complex and compressed structure, hardwood is made to be more resilient and tough, built to withstand the pressure brought about by force when stepping from tread to tread. They can also be refinished when you are ready for a different look.

Easy to Maintain

In terms of maintenance and cleaning, you’ll never have a hard time with hardwood since a simple mop and broom are required to keep your stairs spick and span.

Want to ensure a seamless transition to hardwood stairs? Contact us or call 920-984-3383, 800-354-9902. We would love to assist you with your hardwood needs. We are also available for showroom appointments.

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