Why You Need to Visit Our Showroom

Rod Lorenz

You made the exciting decision to look for a new hardwood floor! Good choice - premium quality hardwood floor is a significant investment that will last a lifetime if properly chosen and cared for. Visiting our hardwood flooring showroom gives you the perfect opportunity to see firsthand samples of what you have in mind and other options available in the market. This is a great way to ensure you make an informed decision.

The internet is great for viewing a vast range of products from the comfort of your home, however, the beauty of a hardwood floor is better appreciated in person rather than through the pages of a magazine or a computer screen. Nothing can substitute for the sensation of running your palm along a piece of hand-scraped hardwood or feeling the smooth finish of a fine selection of engineered hardwood. Seeing the actual flooring can help you envision how it might look in your home. By checking out the types of hardwoods, different finishes, and the various sizes of planks by yourself, you can view the samples side by side, which helps you narrow down your choices.

Ralph’s Hardwood Flooring’s experts will help you find the exact pattern, size, and finish that you are looking for. We will take you on a tour and show you all the different species, color and finishes available. We guarantee to give you a fun showroom experience.

Here at Ralph’s Hardwood Flooring, we’ll even let you take home some samples. This way, you can determine which one would look great for your room. Different factors could affect how hardwood flooring would look in a space, such as lighting and the layout of the interior. By placing the samples over your current flooring, you can get a better picture of what fits best, which makes you one step closer to the hardwood of choice.

Visit our professionally designed showroom and get inspiration for your next project. With over 4,000 square feet of gorgeous hardwood floors, you would surely find the right one for your home.

Can't wait to explore our showroom? Visit us virtually by taking our 360-degree tour. See the abundance of flooring options we have to offer. Book now.

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