Wide Hardwood Floor Planks for Small Rooms

Cortney Lindquist

Hardwood floors featuring wide planks have been around for 100 years and continue to be a crowd favorite. Let's take a closer look at this classic option for homeowners who want to make a dramatic impact in a small room.

Originating with early New England settlers, pervasive use of wide plank hardwood was replaced in the Sixties when wood flooring production shifted to narrower strips because they were more efficient to produce. Wider planks never fully left the market though and remain an important part of the industry.

Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger

Sizes vary but in general wide plank hardwood is twice as wide and long as average average hardwood floor planks. It is generally considered that wide plank hardwood floors start anywhere from 5″ in width and above. However, floors that are truly embraced as wide plank floors are generally 8.5″ and above. This combination of length and width tricks the eyes into believing a small room is larger than it is.


  Width Length
Standard Hardwood Planks 2.25 to 4 inches 3 to 4 feet
Wide Hardwood Planks 5 to 20 inches 6 to 8 feet

Wide hardwood planks also have fewer seams, which means fewer interruptions of the natural lines of both the wood and the room. This makes your floor appear wider and you get a better view of the vertical grains, thus enhancing its appearance.

Add Luxury to Your Small Room

Wide plank flooring adds a "wow" factor to any room. It shows off more of the wood’s natural grain and texture to enhance your floor’s visual appeal. With these come knots and imperfections that add a unique touch that gives them a premium appearance, especially in smaller spaces where they make a big impact.

They Are Easy to Install

One wide plank takes up the space of two or more narrow ones, meaning it takes less time to fill a room with 7″ boards than 3″ ones. That also means you can cover a large area with fewer planks in less time.

From Drab to Fabulous.

Wide plank floors go well in just about any space but they can definitely transform any small room in your home. Contrary to what you might think they can small spaces look larger and add unique visual interest. 

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