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Rod Lorenz

I love working with companies that do business like we do.

Our floor-finish supplier, Glitsa, is a perfect example. They’re easy to work with, and they always strive for excellence. They're instrumental in our success with Swedish finishes, and they continue to supply us with a best-you-can-find product.

As a business owner, I know when I’m not happy with a company I’ve hired to do something that they assured me they could do. So I find a company that does. I've never had that problem with Glitsa.

I’ve known Trent for more than 20 years, so I was more than pleased when he became Glitsa’s sales rep for our region.

My dad (the namesake of Ralph’s) began working with Glitsa in the Seventies.That was long before Trent joined with Glitsa, but when he did, I knew he would do more than pay lip service to the concept of customer service.

I knew he would go that extra mile. For real.

Glitsa and Ralph’s have had a great camaraderie for decades. When we’re working together, we help each other. We’re both passionate about providing the best product and service possible. We are two businesses that have become friends—to the benefit of our customers.

That’s the right way to do business.

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