Your Flooring Doesn’t Have to Be Wood to Look Like Wood

Cortney Lindquist

Real hardwood floors are durable and beautiful to look at, but there are now other materials that can wonderfully mimic the look of wood.

Luxury vinyl flooring can provide the look of almost any other kind of material, from hardwood to stone, without having to worry about moisture. The surface layer is produced with plastic, and when properly sealed and installed, it's practically impossible for liquid to seep through the vinyl.

Vinyl floor’s impermeability also prevents staining. You can sweep, mop, or clean up any mess with a damp cloth. Although it’s durable, luxury vinyl is actually one of the softer flooring materials. It's a great insulator against temperature changes, and the tiles or planks feel comfortable to the feet.

Benefits of luxury vinyl

It’s Family Friendly

Because of  its easy maintenance, durability, and affordability, vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring solution for apartments, multi-family homes, townhouses, or condominiums. It also works well with modern homes and families with kids and pets. 

 It’s Moisture Resistant

Luxury vinyl is one of the most moisture-resistant flooring options available. In fact, some of the lines are completely waterproof. Moisture won’t absorb into the tiles or planks, even if you don't clean the spills immediately. The waterproof option also means that spills won’t get to the subfloor.

It’s Pet Friendly

Accidents involving pets will no longer damage your flooring or the subfloor, and pets can no longer scratch the flooring with their nails.  

It’s Easy to Maintain

Luxury vinyl is created with a protective layer, which makes its maintenance pretty hassle-free.You only need to sweep and then mop it.

It’s a versatile flooring option that allows buyers to be creative with it in any kind of space. Because buyers love that wood-look, vinyl has become a customer's favorite, particularly in water-prone spaces like the kitchen, mudroom, bathroom, and laundry room.

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