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Free Shipping From the North Pole

Posted on Tue, Mar 12, 2013 @ 10:03 AM

Not long before Christmas, my 7-year-old daughter was playing on the Internet, looking at the website of Build-a-Bear Workshop, which lets kids customize stuffed animals.

She looked up at me told me the site was “awesome” because she could pick exactly the teddy bear she wanted Santa to bring her.

“Oh, and it has free shipping,” she added.

free shipping I thought that was very cute. And also quite interesting. I wondered why a 7-year-old would care whether the shipping was free. Didn’t she expect to get it delivered for free by Santa anyway?

I decided it was simply the notion of “free” that caused her to comment on the shipping. Even little children know that free is good.

But in the world of commerce, is anything really ever free? Whatever’s “free” is always built into the price. If you can find a product cheaper with shipping included than the same product with “free” shipping, aren’t you’re going to decide that “free” isn’t free after all and buy the cheaper product?

Real Value Is in Quality Service

In the finished hardwood flooring industry, you may find hardwood floor companies that offer various “free” products or services along with a purchase, but don’t let those sway your decision more than they should. Your total cost is the bottom line, not how much “free” stuff you get.

Instead, look at the truly free things you should receive from a hardwood floor company—personal attention, commitment to customer satisfaction, and devotion to getting all the details right. At Ralph’s Hardwoods, we’ve been providing this free value for two generations, as we’ve installed more than 5 million square feet of finished hardwood flooring.

Our dedication to our customers and to quality craftsmanship won’t show up in the price, so they really are free. They’re also critical in getting the best value for the money you do spend.

The Personal Touch

My daughter’s remarks also got me thinking about how pleased she was that she could put together her own teddy bear. Not only will it look like she wants, there’s just something about being part of the creative process that makes people enjoy the finished product more.

Custom hardwood floors provide the same kind of thrill.  To get the look you want, you can chose every detail—species, color, grain, finish, texture, and more.  We can provide expert assistance and advice as you make your decisions, but they’re your decisions.

Takeaway Point

When selecting a hardwood flooring company, don’t be misled by promotional offers. The free value that matters is excellent customer service, hardwood floor expertise, and a wide range of custom options.

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