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Chris Hubbard
Hardwood Floors Are Like Comfort Food

A guest blogger describes a childhood experience distressing floors with his..

Chris Hubbard
The Hardness of Hardwood Floors: Does It Matter?

We’re often asked which hardwood floors are the most durable.

To answer that..

Chris Hubbard
10 Tips for Having Indoor Pets and Beautiful Hardwood Floors

As a pet lover and proud owner of Kira and Charlie, I have a soft spot in my..

Chris Hubbard
Young Children and Hardwood Floors – A Match Made in Heaven

When you have a busy family, the choices you make for your home are really..

Chris Hubbard
New Hardwood Flooring Cost: The Future Matters

When you’re selecting the type of flooring you want in your home, you’ll of..

Chris Hubbard
Hardwood Floors And Summertime...Tips For The Transition

Summertime’s coming (we think), and if you are one of the lucky people with..

Chris Hubbard
Different Finishes for Different Folks

If you’re getting ready to install hardwood floors in your home—or to refinish..

Chris Hubbard
Go With Your Heart: The "Cheaper Choice" Is Usually a Mistake

It is human nature to wrestle with whether to buy what we really want as..

Chris Hubbard
5 Tips for Using Rugs on Hardwood Floors

Rugs are far from an afterthought when it comes to finished hardwood flooring..

Chris Hubbard
Choosing Hardwood Colors in 5 Steps

Natural hardwood colors vary tremendously between species, and you also have..

Chris Hubbard
Three Situations Where Engineered Hardwood Is the Best Choice

We love solid plank hardwood flooring, and the majority of our customers chose..

Chris Hubbard
Exotic Wood Floors...The "Wow" Factor!

North America is blessed with wonderful trees for hardwood floors. But there’s..

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