A Perfect Pair: Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors

Cortney Lindquist

Area rugs can add a unique style to your rooms. You can choose colors that either match your space and its surrounding or create a contrast with your rooms’ colors.

For example, with dark flooring and dark furniture, you can add a splash of vivid color into the room by simply adding an area rug.

How do you choose an area rug for hardwood floors?

Usually, a rug is put under furniture, such as a bed, dining table, or lounge suite. You might decide to measure the furniture area and buy the rug of the closest size. Or you could decide to go large. Either way, think about the general look of your room— the color of your  floors, the furniture, and all other decorations.

For a dark hardwood floor, the following tones in an area rug will create the perfect combination: beige; light blue; gray; pastel yellow; and white, light colors with blue or red accents. Light hardwood floors go well with moss green, red, pale orange, brown, burgundy, or any earthly tones.

For heavy furniture and high-traffic areas, you’re going to need thick area rugs. Low-pile is best for offices and home areas where chairs get moved around a lot, while runner carpets are suitable for busy corridors.

How to choose the right material?

Wool Rugs

Wool or wool-blend rugs are the most common choice for a hardwood floor. They are durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. They come in a tufted wool and a flat weave. Wool area rugs and rugs blended with other fibers like cotton are available in various patterns and styles to complement any kind of floor or decor.

Cotton Rugs

Purely cotton rugs provide a comfortable casual feel to a space. A cotton rug is often a great choice for a floor with a rustic look.

Synthetic Rugs

Modern synthetic rugs made of viscose, nylon, rayon, acrylic, or polypropylene can provide looks similar to natural materials. Synthetic area rugs are durable and available in shags, flat-weaves, short-tufted pile, and other styles that can go well on a hardwood floor. There are solid-color and patterned synthetic rugs to fit any decor. Some synthetics materials are shiny, while others can have a more matte look.

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