Area Rugs on the Rise

Cortney Lindquist

The new year is all about refreshing your living space, and there's no better way to start than with flooring. The easiest way to update the look of your floor is by adding an area rug. Picking a rug can be time-consuming and difficult—but the beauty of a new gorgeous rug is worth it because it can really tie a space together. 

Area rugs add color and design flair to your room, and they can often be the main focus of a room. The most popular base colors are gray and navy, but many homeowners also like to add pop colors.

Area rugs add the original, signature style you want to your home. Vibrant colors, bold prints, and eclectic textures make for a jaw-dropping style that changes up the look and feel of any flooring and room. And a rug works for both hardwood and luxury vinyl (just remember to use rug pads to prevent damage and to keep the rug in place).

One of the best things about an area rug is that you can always replace them with a new one. For a low price, you can simply change up your pillows and give your space a mini-makeover.

Bold Colorful Prints

Even if you prefer to keep things simple with your furniture, you can still have some fun with bold rug patterns and colors. Magentas, vivid blues, and greens can make a statement while also complementing neutral colors in your sofa, carpet, coffee table, and the rest of the decor. A dramatic color rug always makes a great impression, especially in a neutral space.

Natural Materials

Natural materials, such as silk and wool, have always been popular in the rug world. However, many designers have recently been taking materials a step further towards nature. Lightly dyed rugs are made with eco-friendly materials like sisal. Jute is another great option. Many of these fibers are increasingly luxurious and soft and are creating a cozy, welcoming environment.

Neutral Hues

Although bold patterns are getting popular, neutral hues are also still preferred by many. These shades help make homes feel more welcoming and inviting in some people’s eyes. The same trend is also becoming popular in other types of décor. For instance, earth-toned walls are trending. This goes great with a monochromatic look. Alternatively, you can contrast your neutral tones with a splash of color to add some visual interest.

Nature-Inspired Design

Patterns in a natural color and inspired by natural motifs are also becoming popular. Choose nature-inspired colors (e.g., greens, beiges, and blues) and abstract natural patterns, together with soft tactile materials.

Similar to the trend for natural materials, we can see that dark saturated shades of blue and green are currently popular in the world of design. These moody hues have been a trend for years, and we can be sure that the blues and greens will not go away quickly.

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